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Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Cycles

Life is all about cycles and if u pay close attention to those cycles u will see that u will encounter some of the same things on more than 1 occasion and the way that u handle that occasion the 1st time around will determine how u will handle it the next time around. If u handle it poorly the 1st time chances are u will learn from a great deal of pain and growth that will ultimately make u a better person, and if u cheat ur way through it and u don't get caught up in some sort of way u will handle the next similar situation the exact same way which will stunt ur maturation as a person ultimately setting u back in ur purpose for what ur life is really meant for. So be grateful for a spirit of discernment that allows ur conscious to direct you to do the right thing. If u ignore that spirit the disaster is limitless and detrimental to ur life! Choose wisely!

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