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Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's The Blame

Everyone has had that moment where the tables are turned and everything you have learned doesn't matter because u think u haven't received what u feel you've earned
So now ur at a crossroad
Contemplating to stay or just go
But it wouldn't be right to leave without someone having to explain
Because we know a break up isn't a break up without having someone to blame
So here it is, I'm gonna make it real easy
For everything that has happened u can just BLAME ME
And yeah u BLAME ME for your friends now hating u
And u can BLAME ME if my mind isn't concentrating on u
And u can BLAME ME for scaring u with a wound that's hard to heal
You can BLAME ME for loving u until u expressed how u feel
And u can definitely BLAME ME for ur family falling in love with me
Had them addicted to my personality like it was sort of drug with me
And u can also BLAME ME for the pain that's inside, from the tears in ur eyes and I never apologized, had just too much pride
BLAME ME for stepping away and saving myself, because whenever I was down I couldn't find u for help
And u can BLAME ME for the abortion decision
And u can BLAME ME for putting us in this uncomfortable position
Because getting u to BLAME ME is my one and only mission.
Because if I can take all the blame off of u and put it on me
Then my only wish in the world would be granted and that's for u to be happy
U thinking I'm saying BLAME ME just so that we can be done with it
And I'm really giving u a sweet deal to take and run with
Because the truth is when it all ended I wasn't the same me
So please so that we both can move on
Just BLAME ME!!!


  1. Brother, didn't know you had it in you. Very well said."Just be Happy"

  2. I love it, I love the way you express yourself.........#deep :)

  3. I love love love this one...very creative writer...proud of you...