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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Constant Fight With a Love 1

Can't believe I allowed you to do this to me
You have once again got in the way of me becoming who I want to be
Every time I'm on the right track you come around and fog up everything I once could see
But just like last time I will get through with you standing right in my way
And after dealing with you for most of my life I've built up the nerve to say
You're a DREAM KILLER, ROADBLOCK, and you only think of yourself
I'm here to support you, hold u up but in my weakest hour you provide NO HELP
You drain me with ur issues, keep me up late at night
Had me doing and chasing things that I knew weren't right
It's like your that little person sitting on my shoulder saying its ok to do the wrong things
But the difference is you're a live person and confusion and betrayal is all you bring
It's a constant struggle just to get away
Found myself in isolation which was wrong because I knew I couldn't live that way
You have affected my faith, affected my life, you even had a hand in me sleeping with that mans wife
There were times when I had no control
You knew me so well you gave me my weaknesses and what did I do..I let u PUT MY DREAMS ON HOLD
I wish I could do away with you to get rid of it
Now that's a charge I wouldn't mind standing in front of the judge and hearing them say to me your convicted
Because I will finally BE FREE
No more distractions, just the atmosphere and ME
But you and I both know it isn't that easy
See I knew when it first began that this walk would sometimes make me want to leave me
But if ur gonna be a part of my life u have to allow me to get u some help
Then I turned away from the mirror to conclude this conversation with myself!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Same Ending With a Different Path

And HE helped me recover from what my MESS-DID
And I know it was because HE granted the prayers I REQUESTED
So don't judge my journey and think that you are better than me
I just chose a different route to reach my destiny

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Journey and The Plan

What's the journey of it all?
Because for a long time I had a yearning for it all
To have what I've always wanted never really cared about what was needed
Because where I'm from that's what we put our TRUST- IN
The things that lack SUB-STANCE so that's what we are left with.....a lack of substance and far behind where we really should be
But how do we know where we should be?
We make these time lines for our lives
Just to be at a point in ur life u never thought u would see... oh what now ur surprised?
U thought u would be married by 30 kids shortly after, have a career that's worthy that's all that really mattered
But now all those dreams are now far gone and shattered
So what happens now?
Instead of just living your life, u head back to the drawing board
To try and come up with a new plan that will place your life and ur dreams on 1 accord
But if u haven't learned or noticed this by now
The way you plan your life almost never pans out
And if you fail to seek ur purpose you will be chasing that plan forever
It will be every 3 years you still trying to get your life back together
So if you feeling lost getting back on track really isn't hard
Because when I was lost and didn't know where to turn that's when I found God
And from our 1st conversation my life was forever changed
Was doing some bad things in my life now those things have been rearranged
I'm slowly walking into my season applying the rules that I have learned from my past mistakes
The things I would let set me back I no longer contemplate
Now I spend all of my days consistently trying to seek his face
So do away with the 5 year plans for ur life for how u thought u would see
Because HIS PLAN for your life supersedes your plan for u, and it EXCEEDS anything you imagined yourself to be
But you don't have to trust me I'm just offering a lil help
But I do understand their are some journeys you have to travel by yourself
So whenever you are ready i'm quite sure you will know where to look
But just know that everything that you need for life's journey can be FOUND....IN....JUST....ONE.....BOOK!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's The Blame

Everyone has had that moment where the tables are turned and everything you have learned doesn't matter because u think u haven't received what u feel you've earned
So now ur at a crossroad
Contemplating to stay or just go
But it wouldn't be right to leave without someone having to explain
Because we know a break up isn't a break up without having someone to blame
So here it is, I'm gonna make it real easy
For everything that has happened u can just BLAME ME
And yeah u BLAME ME for your friends now hating u
And u can BLAME ME if my mind isn't concentrating on u
And u can BLAME ME for scaring u with a wound that's hard to heal
You can BLAME ME for loving u until u expressed how u feel
And u can definitely BLAME ME for ur family falling in love with me
Had them addicted to my personality like it was sort of drug with me
And u can also BLAME ME for the pain that's inside, from the tears in ur eyes and I never apologized, had just too much pride
BLAME ME for stepping away and saving myself, because whenever I was down I couldn't find u for help
And u can BLAME ME for the abortion decision
And u can BLAME ME for putting us in this uncomfortable position
Because getting u to BLAME ME is my one and only mission.
Because if I can take all the blame off of u and put it on me
Then my only wish in the world would be granted and that's for u to be happy
U thinking I'm saying BLAME ME just so that we can be done with it
And I'm really giving u a sweet deal to take and run with
Because the truth is when it all ended I wasn't the same me
So please so that we both can move on
Just BLAME ME!!!