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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Constant Fight With a Love 1

Can't believe I allowed you to do this to me
You have once again got in the way of me becoming who I want to be
Every time I'm on the right track you come around and fog up everything I once could see
But just like last time I will get through with you standing right in my way
And after dealing with you for most of my life I've built up the nerve to say
You're a DREAM KILLER, ROADBLOCK, and you only think of yourself
I'm here to support you, hold u up but in my weakest hour you provide NO HELP
You drain me with ur issues, keep me up late at night
Had me doing and chasing things that I knew weren't right
It's like your that little person sitting on my shoulder saying its ok to do the wrong things
But the difference is you're a live person and confusion and betrayal is all you bring
It's a constant struggle just to get away
Found myself in isolation which was wrong because I knew I couldn't live that way
You have affected my faith, affected my life, you even had a hand in me sleeping with that mans wife
There were times when I had no control
You knew me so well you gave me my weaknesses and what did I do..I let u PUT MY DREAMS ON HOLD
I wish I could do away with you to get rid of it
Now that's a charge I wouldn't mind standing in front of the judge and hearing them say to me your convicted
Because I will finally BE FREE
No more distractions, just the atmosphere and ME
But you and I both know it isn't that easy
See I knew when it first began that this walk would sometimes make me want to leave me
But if ur gonna be a part of my life u have to allow me to get u some help
Then I turned away from the mirror to conclude this conversation with myself!

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