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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Untitled (Any Suggestions?)

So many things on the mind can't focus on just one
My mind is contorted wondering what it comes from
So I stand alone putting more stress on the reason
Hoping that one day that I will be able to see and, understand the strong demand to think freely
"One day it will all make sense, i'll be able to understand all the time that was spent"
Trying to find the solution, to the problem that never seems to end
Searching my soul all my life for something deep within
You know on long nights I use to stumble upon walls with much fear
But the strength of my mind helped me persevere
To find what was lost, took me a while but I found it right here, and i've paid the cost
Which was years of searching
Years of hurting
Years of becoming
And years of running....NO WHERE
I'm here now with a different perspective
You see I didn't know I was born to do it
God put the pen in my hand and said son pursue it
So I sit time after time and write line for line
Just to share what on my mind
With hopes that someone can relate...

1 comment:

  1. I think the title should be along the lines of" A SEARCH WITHIN"