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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisions Brings Change

I was a man then I stopped
I tried to stand but I dropped
I turned my back and went away
Now I'm turned back and want to stay
180 I've changed
My whole plan rearranged
Back to face what I thought I was scared of
Who could believe I turned away the greatest part of love
Expected and expected and didn't know what to expect
Took time to look at life in retrospect
Try to fix what's bad and make better what's good
I was on top of things, then fell off when I could
Have made things easier, hoping there isn't a replacement
Went back to looking myself in the face in my cold lonely basement
Accepted my poor decision, accepted that I was wrong
Even tried to accept the thought of moving on
But I didn't, because I knew where I belonged
And that is....


  1. You go Boy! I will read through them and send any comments I have! This old dog can learn new tricks!

  2. Hey love the music and liked the entry. Keep em coming and thanks for subscribing.