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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Never Saw It Coming

Stepping to me closely, I can't see
Whatever this young lady was trying to be
She said the only person who could help her was me
But I'm scared don't know what she's talking about
So I stop and listen then she starts to shout
And if you leave me then my soul will continue to BLEED
You see I know you're good because I've watched your work
I know you wouldn't pass up anyone who was badly hurt
And that's me I'm the hurt one so I need your help
I've hit rock bottom, I can't even help myself
Now I'm backing up slowly saying this girl is crazy
But as she kept talking her story simply amazed me
I tried to walk away but she pulled me closer
She begged me to listen and she wanted me to hold her
OKAY OKAY shit I'll listen
So I sat got comfortable and gave her my attention
She said "I'm nineteen with a 2 year old son"
The baby no father me no education I can't believe what I've done
I say wait you don't have anyone to help you take care of your kid
She says no it's just me and he is really starting to get big
You see it all started about 2 yrs ago
I was young, dumb and my body I wanted to show
I met a guy at a party, I wasn't old enough to get in
I had a fake, I can't believe I'm reminding myself of this night again
I was drinking very heavily not in my right mind
So this guy seduced me by grabbing my behind
Then we went upstairs and had sex UNPROTECTED
I didn't even know his name, but I was so drunk I couldn't REJECT IT
It was fast twenty minutes and I remember throwing up
Never thought I would be telling a story like this while I was growing up
It's funny, don't even remember how I got home
But i do remember when I woke up I was all alone
Everything has been the same since that day
I'm alone with my kid trying to find a way
So I ask her why me did she have to BOTHER
She said good question, but I believe you....are my sons FATHER
My mouth dropped and I say I don't even know you
She said I didn't know him then
Well what are YOU gonna do
What do you mean, your not going to be with us and be a family
Girl come on, i just met you, you can't be springing this on me
You don't remember, you don't remember the party in that big red house
I'm thinking and I'm thinking..I do remember the place
But I'm not your baby's daddy, you can't put my life at stake
I'll prove it, I do remember the guy he had a tattoo
And if you take your shirt off I will prove this to you
I say NO, tell me first and I'll let you know if your right
On his chest he had an eye, he told me it was his third eye of sight
Dead silence no one said a word
I'm thinking she's right but that couldn't have been me
I do remember hooking up at a party, it's becoming more clearly
A silent question to the LORD I ask why
It is true the father of her child......IT IS I!

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