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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Untitled (I am taking suggestions)

It's hard to be amongst friends and not have a good time
Sometimes I wish the less fortunate could at least have a life just like mine
But it's not and sometimes it's just a wishful thought
And my main goal in life is to learn what can't be taught
I'm a student of life, never catch me without paper and pencil
And if I ain't got that I just store it in my mental
Then I stand before you trying to keep your attention
As I relay these words through my lyrical extensions
And the things I'm saying won't need your parents permission
Never try to be too controversial
I just think it, write it and say it no need for rehearsal
Because the way it comes out, that's the way I feel
No one can tell me to keep my mind sealed
My thoughts will forever roam until my brain is killed
And even then my work will continue to live
And you'll know in every line i gave all I can give.

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